Dobbie Is a great dog but I noticed as she grew older, she started displaying some serious health issues – ones
too early for her age. Dobbie suffered from liver problems and random infections that could never be traced to
any one cause. Months were spent going from vet to vet with the hopes of discovering a cause and then finding
a solution.

Each veterinary visit meant new hope and came with new tests, but soon after yielded the same typical results.
There was no diagnosable problem but always a suggestion to alter Dobbie’s diet. Each visit ended the same.
No real fix and the endless search for what to do next. However, I began to notice something. Each
veterinarian recommended a different dog food. And each new food brought a new reason as to why it was
better and deemed “prescription only”. However, something in each brand’s ingredients stood out. Sugars and
starches and additives were well hidden, but they were there. With an extensive background in human nutrition,
endocrinology and human physiology, I could see something wasn’t adding up.

I knew that if I could identify ingredients that are essential and beneficial for a dog and eliminate anything that
wasn’t necessary, I could create something profoundly innovative and save my poor girl’s life!
The quest began and it started with months of research, endless consultations with leading veterinary
nutritionists and veterinarians, and the careful study of existing dog food ingredients and how they impact
canine physiology. Research and perseverance crafted an exclusive list of ingredients that made sure to include
the nutrients she desperately needed from whole food sources and not chemically refined and processed
supplements, while eliminating non-essential and toxic ones.

The result is a blend of thoroughly studied, wholesome ingredients with meticulously researched proportions to
satisfy the biological needs of dogs while satisfying even the most discerning (Dobbie and her brothers and
sister are definitely picky ones!) of palates. It’s not dog food. It is better than that….it is dog nutrition!

And Dobbie… She’s doing great.

Soon after starting her new diet the long troublesome issues disappeared and she went back to doing what she
did best, being a healthy dog and a loving companion. My babies have been eating this for over 4 years with
nothing to report but a pack of happy, healthy Papillons!

Now my Passion continues. I created Barks & Berries to deliver the absolute best in fresh, natural, and
wholesome dog nutrition. Our customers love us and the pets we serve have their lives forever changed
because you chose us.

From our kitchen to yours in health,

We Believe


Dog nutrition is an extremely important part of your pet’s life. From the moment they are born, providing them
with wholesome, natural ingredients and the right blend of macro and micronutrients, species appropriate pre/
probiotics, digestive enzymes and natural vitamins and minerals will help to ensure a long and healthy life.

That’s what we do!

We take dog food and our ingredients seriously. All you’ll find here is fresh, organic, human grade ingredients.
From wild caught fish and boneless, skinless chicken breast to our fresh, organic fruits and vegetables your dog
will be eating healthier than you do. At Barks & Berries we select everything based upon the natural,
nutritional needs of dogs and hand craft a nutritional product that fulfills that need to perfection!

It’s our promise to deliver the highest quality in every product we produce. Every dog is family to us.

-Barks & Berries