Questions? Read the answers to our most frequently asked questions below, or contact us.

Can the products be microwaved?

No! The microwave will kill many of the beneficial ingredients.

Can each of the products be frozen?

Yes, all of our foods and bone broth can, and should be, kept frozen until they’re ready for use.

Can I only purchase the product online?

Currently our products are only available online.

How do I use the bone broth?

Bone broth can be used by itself as a warm treat, or poured over your dog’s current food to add healthy vitamins and minerals, collagens, antioxidants and all around great stuff!

Is my online purchase securely encrypted?

Our gateway integration is fully PCI compliant.

How is my product shipped and delivered?

We ship via UPS 2-day air or ground. If other options are available in your area, they will be displayed at checkout. Please note UPS ground is only available in the Phoenix, AZ area and other surrounding areas.

To ensure product temperature and quality at time of delivery, 2-day shipping or overnight are the only options offered. Orders are shipped Monday through Thursday, with Friday options available for overnight and Saturday delivery.

We recommend immediate unpacking and freezing of product upon delivery.

How long do products last in the freezer and refrigerator?

Our food will last 6-8 months frozen and up to 5-7 days in the fridge. We use no preservatives in our freshly made food. There are many live active enzymes that will help maintain the quality and nutrient profile for those times.

Food can be left out for feeding at room temperature for 24 hours. Beyond that, any uneaten portion should be discarded.

What is the yellow layer on top of the bone broth?

This is the healthy fat naturally separating from the broth and absolutely should be warmed back into a liquid state and served, not discarded.  (please do not microwave)

This healthy fat is where all the fat-soluble nutrients essential to your pup’s health are, and it contains other nutrients that benefit absorption and digestion!

The fat will liquefy and mix in naturally again at room temperature so heating is not required, just an option for our pickier pups.