How to Order

How to Order

Our products are created fresh and based on your preference, delivered fresh or frozen to you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

1.) Select Products and Checkout

We offer both our delicious and savory dog nutrition and our bone broth… two great products that every dog will enjoy.

There are two easy ways to order:

  1. Use our calculator or consult your vet to find out how many cups your dog needs and subscribe for monthly delivery (monthly subscription is discounted price). We’ll bill you and deliver every month as long as you’d like with no minimum commitments.
  2. Simply order the amount you need when you need it each time and it’ll be on its way!

2.) Choose Your Delivery Method

You can simply order what you need and on our next delivery date your order will arrive on-time. While your order will show a scheduled delivery date, we make our food in small fresh batches weekly and always try to get your order into the next batch so we can deliver sooner. We will always contact you first to set up an earlier date.

Or you can choose our subscription service and we’ll deliver monthly with the exact amount needed for your dog(s). You’ll always have fresh, great dog nutrition. You can cancel anytime but if your dogs have a say, that’ll be never!

3.) Check out!