Feeding Family,
Like Family

Organic  Dog  Nutrition

Crafted From All Natural, Organic, Locally Sourced, Human Grade Ingredients Delivered Fresh To Your Door!

Feeding Family,
Like Family

Organic  Dog  Nutrition

Crafted From All Natural, Organic, Locally Sourced, Human Grade Ingredients Delivered Fresh To Your Door!

The Benefits Of High Quality


Providing your four-legged family member with our balanced and organic dog formula is one of the best decisions you’ll make for your dog’s long term health. Whether you add it to your pet’s current food or by itself, the benefits of our fresh and organic dog nutrition are clear. Selected by hand, each and every batch is locally sourced from farmers’ and organic markets to farms and ranches that meet high-quality organic standards.
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Dog Nutrition


Bone Broth

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Bone Broth

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Every dog deserves the absolute best in nutrition

My name is Jason Gardner and I started Barks & Berries in 2016. After feeding this formula to my own dogs for almost 10 years, I have seen a huge improvement in their health, especially Dobbie, who as she grew older, started displaying some serious health issues – ones too early for her age. Dobbie suffered from liver problems and random infections that could never be traced to any one cause. Months were spent going from vet to vet with the hopes of discovering a cause and then finding a solution.

Each veterinary visit meant new hope and came with new tests, but soon after yielded the same typical results. There was no diagnosable problem but always a suggestion to alter Dobbie’s diet. Each visit ended the same. No real fix and the endless search for what to do next. However, I began to notice something. Each veterinarian recommended a different dog food. and each new food brought a new reason as to why it was better and deemed “prescription only”. However, something in each brand’s ingredients stood out. Sugars and starches and additives were well hidden, but they were there. With an extensive background in human nutrition, endocrinology and human physiology, I could see something wasn’t adding up.

I knew that if I could identify ingredients that are essential and beneficial for a dog and eliminate anything that wasn’t necessary, I could create something profoundly innovative and save my poor girl’s life! The quest began and it started with months of research, endless consultations with leading veterinary nutritionists and veterinarians, and the careful study of existing dog food ingredients and how they impact canine physiology. Research and perseverance crafted an exclusive list of ingredients that made sure to include the nutrients she desperately needed from whole food sources and not chemically refined and processed supplements, while eliminating non-essential and toxic ones.

The result is a blend of thoroughly studied, wholesome ingredients with meticulously researched proportions to satisfy the biological needs of dogs while satisfying even the most discerning (Dobbie and her brothers and sister are definitely picky ones!) of palates. It’s not dog food. It is better than that….it is dog nutrition!

And Dobbie… She’s doing great.

Soon after starting her new diet the long troublesome issues disappeared and she went back to doing what she did best, being a healthy dog and a loving companion. Now, we have nothing to report but a pack of happy, healthy Papillons!

Now my passion continues. I created Barks & Berries to deliver the absolute best in fresh, organic, and wholesome dog nutrition. Our customers love us and the pets we serve have their lives forever changed because you chose us.

From our kitchen to yours in health,

What People Are Saying

Rocky, my 13-year-old Yorkie, absolutely

Rocky, my 13-year-old Yorkie, absolutely loves his Barks & Berries bone broth and dog food. He has a hard time digesting foods, and his stomach hasn’t rejected the food. He is older and struggles with breaking down the kibble with his brittle teeth; the food is easy for him to devour. The bone broth is making a significant difference in his life. He is more feisty and returning to old puppy behaviors. I can barely put the food down before he is jumping in and devouring it. Rocky is in heaven at every mealtime and even sits by the bowl before meals wanting more.

Christine Claitor

BEST Dog Food We’ve Ever Used!!

I have two labradors who LOVE this food! My 13 year old is acting like a puppy again, her skin issues have completely resolved, and she even was able to jump up on the couch for the first time in over a year! I have tried several dog food companies in the last few years and none come close to the results I’ve seen by feeding them Barks & Berries. My family even saw results in just a few weeks of being on this food between our dogs energy levels, skin, and hair. Finally a pet food company that cares about pets nutrition, health and wellness! Thank you Barks & Berries!!

Sarah Buxbaum

The Most Amazing Dog Food Ever!

My 13 year old Yorkie was an extremely picky eater and I was having to cook for him. My dog loves his food from Barks and Berries so much. I have noticed such a difference in how much more energy he has now that he is on this amazing food. His vet says he is in great health for a 13 year old dog. Thanks so much to Barks and Berries for making my dog so healthy and happy!

Jennifer Malaska

From prescription food to fresh food and never going back!

My bulldogs were started on prescription food for “allergies” that consisted of itchy skin folds on their face, swollen skin between their toes and persistent ear infections. They developed severe explosive diarrhea. I was repeatedly accused of deviating from their diet (I wasn’t!). The vet then switched them to a hydrolyzed protein prescription food. They were given numerous antibiotics and expensive bloodwork was completed. The diarrhea persisted for almost two months! Nothing we did helped until I switched my dogs to Barks and Berries. Within 12 hours the diarrhea completely stopped and has never returned. It makes me so sad that their prescription food was making them sick, but thanks to Barks and Berries, my babies are happy and healthy once again!!!

Taryn Bragg

Quality You Can Count On

This food is top notch quality. Every bag I open smells great, like real food that I could eat. You can see fresh moist chicken, carrots, spinach, broccoli, etc… Our two dogs absolutely love it and get so excited for meal time. We have a 4 yr old Vizsla and a 2 yr old Chocolate Lab and our Vet is always commenting on how healthy their skin, hair and nails are. This food has been a great addition to our pets lives.

Jennifer Harris

Nutritional Healing

My 7-year-old adopted minpin mix Trooper suddenly developed a large fatty tumor that was growing rapidly and eventually started to invade his chest wall. After two biopsies, three veterinarian opinions and several changes of expensive high-quality dry dog food, the only option was surgical removal with no guarantee it would not grow back. Luckily, a friend introduced me to Barks and Berries at the right time. Three months after eating Barks and Berries Troopers tumor has dissolved from the size of an apple to now the size of a peanut. His coat is thicker and shinier and has endless energy. Thank you Barks and Berries!

Elizabeth C.