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Dog Nutrition
Our delicious, savory, full-flavored dog nutrition. Crafted from human-grade, quality ingredients, before each delivery it is prepared fresh and immediately vacuum sealed and frozen.
$3.24/ cup as a recurring order (delivered in a 4 cup/32 oz vacuum sealed package)
$3.75/ cup for a one time order  (delivered in a 4 cup/32 oz vacuum sealed package)
Note: Can only be purchased in 4 cup increments

Bone Broth

Our special blend of quality ingredients mixed to create a flavorful broth your dog will love. Made fresh and frozen each delivery.

$9.99/ 32oz container

Our simple calculator is perfect for helping you determine your dog’s needs. Just fill in your dog’s weight and we will calculate the average cups of Barks and Berries Dog Nutrition your dog will need to meet their dietary requirements.

Calculator is just a serving suggestion. Always consult with your vet your about your dog’s calorie needs. Daily caloric intake is based on healthy, adult dogs.

Puppy 4-12 months

Base adult

Overweight adult

High Activity/Work Adult