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Grain-Free Grass-Fed Beef, Grass-Fed Venison & Rabbit

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We take dog food and our ingredients seriously. All you’ll find here is fresh, organic, human grade ingredients. From wild caught fish and boneless, skinless chicken breast to our fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, your dog will be eating healthier than you do. At Barks & Berries we select everything based upon the natural, nutritional needs of dogs and hand craft a nutritional product that fulfills that need to perfection!

It’s our promise to deliver the highest quality in every product we produce. Every dog is family to us. 

Ingredients: grass-fed ground beef, grass-fed ground venison, ground whole rabbit, grass-fed venison heart, grass-fed venison liver, grass-fed bison kidney, organic sweet potato, organic russet potato, organic pumpkin, Wild Alaskan King Salmon Bone Broth, organic carrots, organic cage-free eggs, organic broccoli, organic cucumber, organic mixed berry blend (blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, cranberry), organic pineapple, organic papaya, organic greens (spinach, kale, dandelion), organic cottage cheese, organic greek yogurt, organic tomato, organic watermelon, organic banana, organic red bell pepper, organic pumpkin seed, organic chia seed, Grass-Fed Bovine Bone Powder, ground egg shells.