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Heart Health & Support Blend

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Heart Health and Support Blend–  66 half teaspoon servings per jar

An innovative way to get your pups the natural support they need for a healthy heart and support for other organs and immune function. 

Bioavailable nutrient delivery and maximized absorption with food.

Easy for the puppies that hate the taste of supplements or the trauma of having pills jammed down their throats.

Provides the following in each .5 tsp serving:

242mg Taurine

225mg L-Carnitine

225mg Hawthorn Berry

225mg Dandelion

150mg Ginkgo Biloba

150mg MSM

75mg Resveratrol (from Japanese Knotweed)

75mg Annatto Seed (Tocotrienols)

75mg Oyster Extract

75mg Japanese Kudzu Root

30mg CoQ10

30mg Alpha GPC Choline

15mg Astaxanthin

15mg Lycopene





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